A Plan for You

I remember being a kid and wanting to grow up. I could not wait to be an adult! I think many of us wish we could get back in a time capsule and go back to a time of no bills, but it’s too late! We are already here in Adultland.

As challenging as it can be sometimes, I am comforted in knowing that I don’t have to have it all figured out and neither do you. God has a plan for each of us. Scripture reminds us if we lean not on our own understanding and trust in Him then He will direct our paths.

It can be tough to depend on someone else, especially as an adult. We have our vision boards, 5-year plans and there is nothing wrong with that. We just have to remember to write our plans in pencil, because sometimes God has the final say and ultimately, that is a great thing.

I want to encourage you to have a plan, but keep it in prayer to the Father. He will complete the good work that He began in you. So you don’t have to worry or fret. Just let go and trust Him.


If you have a hard time dealing with pain that is caused by other people, this post is for you! There are so many things going on all around us that require prayer. We need to keep our government officials, religious leaders, community leaders and our own households constantly lifted before our Father in heaven.

Prayer helps to re-focus you spiritual and emotional vision. It can be tough when people hurt us and just walk away, but I want to encourage you today. Don’t focus on what others have done to you. Instead, focus on just how good God has been to you!

Think about every door that He has opened and reflect on all the prayers that He has answered for you. ¬†After you do that, forgive them. That’s right. Let them go. God can deal with them better than you ever could. Release them and let them go. Trust me, you will be so glad you did.


Comfort Zone Eviction Notice

I work in the leasing industry and every once in a while someone will come across my desk that has to be evicted. Now, we do everything within our power to help people so that this can be avoided, but sometimes there is nothing else we can do.

Well, often that is the case with God. He has been sending you little warnings and signs that He needs you to change your course of action. We have all been there, and like many of you I have both yielded to the signs and ignored them completely. Thank God that He loves us enough to never let us get so comfortable with somewhere we should not be, something that we should not be doing or someone we should not be around.

Every once in a while He will show up and yank us to a greater place of purpose! So if you have been feeling a little uneasy, take some time and seek Him. He will help navigate you to your next place…your next great place of power, purpose and destiny!

Are You Hanging on by a Thread?

This post will not be a long one. I just want to encourage to do whatever you need to do to make sure you can get some rest. I meet so many people are just barely holding on because of life and work pressures. Listen, if you have a heart attack your job will be forced to replace you, but if you get so stressed out that something terrible happens to you…your loved ones cannot replace you!

So I feel led to encourage you to make whatever needed adjustments to ensure that you are rested, stress-free and whole. You only have one life and God did not intend for you to be restless, overwhelmed and pushed to the max. Be determined to make the changes you need to live your best possible life!

Lesson Learned

Failing is unfortunately unavoidable in life. Yet, with every failure, you have a unique opportunity. You can just fail or you can take the lesson you learned from your shortcoming or mistake and flip it for your good!

Sometimes we become so burdened by the failure that we can move past the disappointment. Trust me, the only thing worse than failing is allowing it to keep you stuck in regret or worse, let the pain of the failure paralyze you from moving forward.

Don’t do it. Shake it off and keep it moving. You will glad you did!

Connection Power

When I was growing up there was a lot of talk about “peer pressure.” The anti-peer pressure movement was almost as big as the anti-bullying movement during modern times. As a result, there was a huge emphasis on thinking for yourself and not allowing oneself to get in trouble as the result of the actions of others. I think it helped many people, but others were not as lucky. I know many people whose youth was spent confined to prison cells because of being with the wrong group of people at the wrong time. You, too, may know of people who fell into this unfortunate predicament.

Well, I want to encourage you to make sure you are connected to the right people. I don’t mean staying away from people who just break laws in the natural. It is also important for you to stay away from people who break spiritual laws and who may be immoral in ways that would tempt you into situations that would not be good for you.

I want to encourage you to assess the connections in your life and cut the bad ones and embrace and cherish the good ones. It will change your life because there is power in having the right connections!


There rules that were created to maintain order for all of us. Traffic laws, the Ten Commandments, the Constitution all were written to guarantee a level of order and avoid the chaos that would be created from a lawless society.

So we are taught as young children to obey the rules, obey the commandments, obey our parents and that we will be rewarded. Sometimes the reward is just not to be punished, which if we are honest, is a reward or protection in itself. The only thing about being inundated with so many rules is that they can limit your thinking if you are not careful.

So yes, I want you to be a law-abiding citizen but I also want to encourage you to rebel against the thinking that keeps you limited. I want to challenge you to take the limits off of your dreams, your creativity, and your passion for pursuing your destiny. I want to encourage you to see beyond the limits that were set for your life by others. You serve a God that wants to bless you beyond your limited thinking. He wants you to crush every fear and see beyond the limits that have kept you grounded. This is your time, take the limits off!