I don’t know!

There are 3 simple words that can really frustrate many of us. They are “I don’t know”. As a child this answer was unacceptable in our house. If I said “I don’t know” , my mom would say “then find out”.

Recently in a bible study at New Day CFC we discussed 5 possible reasons why we tend to say “I don’t know” and I have decided to share them with you today.

1- Unbelief: it’s not that we don’t know, we just hold off on our knowledge in case it doesn’t work out in our favor. We do not want to risk it. Stop holding out! You could be hindering yourself.

2- Laziness: we are not willing to do the “work” involved to get the knowledge. Sometimes what has been promised and will benefit us is right within our reach but, we are too lazy to lift an arm.
Get to work. You have been relaxing long enough.

3- Blindness: it’s really a matter of opening our eyes and we would see. Ask the parent who sends their child to find something and they come back empty handed. It was easier not to look rather than search. Open them eyes!

4- Unpreparedness: it is very unfortunate that many of us pray for things almost daily. Many folks even beg God for things and then when they come we say “I don’t know” because of lack of preparation. Today, become determined in your mind to prepare for the arrival of what you have prayer and believed for. It’s sure to come for the believer.

5- Dishonesty: we must be careful not to become people that live in a dishonest place in our hearts, attitude and most of all speech. Growing up I learned, the more you do something, the easier it becomes to continue doing it. When we are not honest with ourselves and have run out of excuses we readily respond to others with the all-time favorite line “I don’t know”. The truth is that We Know, but have fell into the trap of the 4 things previously mentioned and are not honest enough to face it. No more excuses!

Let today begin another New Day for you by removing “I don’t know” from your vocabulary. You are a precious resource that God will use in this end-time. In order for you to be most effective and the best you, you must “KNOW”. Do the work, find out and you will see the results.

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