It’s Killing Me

There are several things that have been identified as killers in our life. It’s killing me is not only a common phrase, but rather an unfortunate reality for many people. They know something is getting the best of us and even draining our energy but often can’t place our finger on it.

Many of us struggle in these 4 basic areas of thinking which will ultimately “kill us”.
They are Negative, Fearful, Discontent, and Critical thinking. They all have the potential of ruining our alignment with what the word of God says about us and our future. It can even distort our posture towards others if we are not careful.

It is necessary that we guard our thoughts and heart according to the word of God. I’m convinced that the more we stay in the word of God by both reading and hearing, our faith posture will cause our thinking to shift up. Remember that the word of is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

Begin today, let the word bring you life and conquer the above 4 mentioned “killer” areas of thinking.

One thought on “It’s Killing Me

  1. Loving this post because this is just confirmation about what Pastor Davis spoke about earlier tonight at bible study. His theme was “Giving God our best” and the things that distract us from our blessings and delaying us from our purpose.

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