The Good Life

20130115-115628.jpgEach year we plan a resolution of some sort in preparation for a better year. This year I have a simple promise just to Live “TheGood Life”!

I have decided to begin with these three and wanted to share them with you,

-I will increase in my study time and prayer time
-I will increase in my attendance to my local church
-I will find more ways to get involved with church and its community serving projects
-I will work diligently at increasing my financial contributions to my local church

-I will seek additional opportunities and resources to becoming a better me (books, education)
-I will seek to maintain a positive attitude at all times in all settings
-I will seek to ensure proper future financial security is maintained
-I will maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise schedule

My Family
-I will be the best Husband & Father for my family
-I will increase our in home family bible study times
-I will increase and prepare for frequent get always and short trips as a family
-I will work diligently to ensure all children are working at their greatest potential in school
-I will lead by example in all areas, finance, health, spirituality and attitude

I hope that this inspires or encourages you to prepare to live “The Good Life” this year also.

One thought on “The Good Life

  1. Seeing that the word declares that Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly, what better time than now to really press into God to experience the good life, the abundant life, I am excited about my New Day, New Life and my Good Life!!! Thank you Pastor for keeping us in rememberance of this and pushing us to that Good Life experience

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