Clear The Clutter


Could it be possible that we are spending valuable time seeking things that we already have? Has the vision for our lives become so cluttered with things that society has presented to us that we miss the power and ability within?

Many times in our quest to be better or even have more, we overlook what we have been blessed with already. The truth is that many of us already live the “Good Life”, but it can be very difficult to see when so many things are presented to us and somehow cause us to believe what we already have is not sufficient. Clutter at times causes us to lose sight. This can cause us to feel unfulfilled and even as if our life is not even good.

In 2013, I believe that my assignment is to encourage believers to identify and in some cases awaken the God given ideas, visions, talents, skills and dreams that are already inside. To open our eyes to clutter and create a determination to clear it up and focus on this “Good Life”.

I am intentional about sharing sermons and thoughts that assist with clearing the clutter and opening our eyes to see clearly that all we have need of is already available within us.

Stay tuned for more on the “Good Life” in days to come.

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