Each year I look forward to our 21 Day Fast. It is always yields different experiences for me. They are good experiences too.

Every year I challenge myself to go further with my fast and discipline my flesh more. (with guidance of the Holy Spirit)

This year, I decided to take some notes of things that grabbed my attention during this fast and wanted to share them with you

Here are just 4 of the many lessons I learned:
1- I CAN
A- Function without coffee and ice cream
B- Go without watching my favorite shows
C- Survive without social media
D- Hear God clearer without distractions
E- Pray longer than my usual times with focus

A- Refrain from Grocery stores while fasting
B- Remain Spiritual and focused
C- Feed my hunger for knowledge and education
D- Encourage others without fail in the things of God
E- Exercise Physically (very mild while fasting)

A- Continue to be disciplined despite the temptation to stop
B- Stay in the Word- not for preaching. (my source of strength)
C- Listen for the voice of God to improve myself
D- Take advantage of fellowship opportunities to keep my spirit charged
E- Rest! Rest! Rest!

4- I AM
A- Ready for an amazing year of opportunities
B- Disciplined! My flesh does not control my spirit
C- Refreshed! Feeling better in health and spirit
D- Not going back to some foods that I enjoyed before (Im cleansed)
E- Going to reduce my amount of coffee and ice cream intake

I just listed a few things here for you, but I am sure that if you made a list, it would inspire or encouragement someone you may know while they are fasting or preparing for one also.

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