So many times we hear things and we ask, could this really be true? Well today, I want to share a few true things with you.

It is true that…….

1- Our church has moved our Sunday and Wednesday worship services to Heather Hills Country Club located 901 Claymore Drive, Garner NC which adds additional seating for you and your friends.

2- Our church has an AMAZING 90 Minute worship and word experience, and I jump, spin, cry, and even scream with everyone else. I try to clap my hands louder than I did before.

3- Our church has kicked off a new series called “Fear-Less” which has been powerful. Our first message was practical, applicable and relational with a powerful altar response.

4- Our men will gather tonight at 9pm for a late night bowling party at Rainbow Lanes in Clayton, NC and these dudes are competitive. I have a feeling some ladies are going to crash it tho.

5- Our church will host a round table Saturday morning at 11am to assist people with prayer fundamentals and how to connect to Christ independently.

6- Our church is having a “Life Party” on Easter Sunday Morning.

So, just in case you heard any of this on the street………It’s true!

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