Recently my wife and I have spent a lot of time reflecting and in conversation on our deceased son Terrell. Most of the time we reflect on the grace of God for endurance as we watched this brave two year old kid go through treatments for leukemia. As you can imagine, we spent countless days and nights in the hospital and had become very familiar with staff and doctors, almost on a first name basis. They knew us and we made sure we knew them, if you now anything about me; I made their business my business concerning my son.

Although this was a challenging time for us, we had to stay positive; after all we did profess that we believed in Jesus. Our faith is really what kept it all together.
The hospital had become our second home for 9 months. All families all of a sudden became one big family. We would see others in the hall and smile. When we had food, we would share. I remember one family that refused to leave their daughters bed side, so on my way back up from work, I would bring my wife food and their family some too.

But there is one question that sticks out even with all of the challenges. Hospital staff and other patients that shared rooms with us constantly asked us “why are you guys so nice?” We were not not trying to be spiritual, but we would always answer “this is who we are”. My wife and I always, and I mean always-even on the most difficult days let people know that our kindness was from our heart.

With all that we were dealing with, they couldn’t understand how we could be nice to everyone. My wife and I witnessed some very unpleasant interaction with doctors and families due to frustration, the patients body rejecting treatment and sometimes just the overall stress attached to cancer.

I shared all of that to help someone today who may be struggling with random acts of kindness or even just being positive through difficult times. I want to encourage you to check what lies beneath. Check your core. Check your motives. Check into your why.

We had no clue at that time that I would be a lead pastor, that was the furthest thing from my mind. There was no hidden agenda behind being kind, we felt like it was the right thing to do. Even today, our hearts are still the same. We are nice because “this is who we are”.

Check your core and see who you really are. What lies beneath is what will be displayed on the outside.

Tough blog, but necessary to help someone else.

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