Share your Story!

Your story matters and must be told

Believe or not, someone will experience the same challenges that you have had to overcome. The courage and endurance that you have could be an answer to their situation. Every story matters, especially yours.

Share your New Faith!
It can be easy to keep our faith to ourselves. There have been many situations where our faith had to climb higher than we had ever imagined, but we have seen amazing results. We have been saved by faith, healed by faith, delivered by faith; and after all of that, we are still believing God for additional things. No more holding back, share your faith at once.

Share your New Hope!
It is refreshing to hope again and to know that “it”really will happen. At times, hope is all we have. Hope is both motivational and inspirational. Everyone has an “it”, it is that thing that we are hoping will happen. Share your hope with others, let them know “it” will happen.

Share your New Power!
The Word of God is power to all who believe! I am not saying that you need to have to quote the whole bible, rather share what you do know. What ever part of the word has caused you to change and make a difference, be kind enough to share. There is power in the Word of God. The fact that you have new power should prompt you to want others to experience the same thing.

Share your New Day!
At New Day, we live in the latter part of Haggai 2vs9: We believe that God will give us peace in this place. This place is our New Day. The peace we have must be shared with others. It is so good to us, we want everyone to have a taste of it. Take your New Day and share it with someone.

As you share, you will be blessed by the impact that you make on others. Let it go……. someone is waiting on you.

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