I had an opportunity to attend an event where they had a mechanical bull. I chose not to show off my “bull skills” that day, so I just watched the others. (Ha Ha) It was so simple, all they had to do was hold on. I mean really, how difficult could that be? It’s just a mechanical bull.

Holding on to a bull is more challenging than folks think. When you get on the bull, they don’t tell you that there are varying speeds and that the bull does tricks too. They only say “get on, it will be fun”. Sounds like our christian journey at times.

As I watched several others mount the bull and flex their skills, they fell off one by one. Some fell off at the slower pace and some actually held on even at the faster paces. One person stood out to me, they seemed like a professional at this bull riding thing. This person was determined not to fall. I think they may have frustrated the operator a little in the process of hanging on. The operator then turned the bull all kind of ways to get the person off, they eventually fell off yet and still holding on to the bull all the way to the ground. As they were getting up, I heard them say “THIS IS SOME BULL” patted the mechanical bull and walked away.

I really began to think about that statement as it relates to my christian journey. I think of that bull as trails, disappointments, spiritual testing, loss of any kind, health issues, financial crisis, and just unpleasant situations in general. There are times when I look back at a challenge that I came through and say “wow, that was tough” but nowadays I say “THAT WAS SOME BULL”.

Consider this the next time you are faced with a challenge. Admit it, its tougher than you expected, even say it out loud if you have to, but do not let this bull defeat you! We seem to gain strength the longer we hold on. Hold on to hope even if you are on the ground while the bull is still spinning in circles. Hold on even if there is a crowd watching and expecting you to let go! Hold on when folks try to get you to let go! Hold on even when your hands get tired! Hold on because in the end, your testimony will be one of endurance as you pat your bull (situation) and walk away in victory while saying “THAT WAS SOME BULL!”

Watch and see…

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