If you have spent any amount to time around me or the New Day church family these words are often heard “YOU ROCK!”. This weekend we hosted our annual Family Fun Day and I wanted to share a few reasons with you why I think New Day rocks.

1- WE AGREE (New Hope)
We work together in agreement to accomplish both challenging and simple tasks. These times allow us to inspire one another.

2- WE LIVE (New Power)
ALL HANDS ON DECK is our rule. We believe that our power and strength are renewed through working together. We feed off on one another’s energy. we leave each others presences refreshed.

3- WE HAVE FUN (New Strength)
Fun, laughter, and peace are all main ingredients to our weekend experiences and events. We believe that our strength comes from the Joy of The Lord. We work hard at keeping all of our times together joyful therefore we can depart with new strength.

4- WE CARE (New Day)
I have the opportunity to serve at a few churches due to relocation. I have been so blessed to serve at each with folks who genuinely care. I am so blessed now to lead a church with people who care so much about one anther. We come from various walks of life and backgrounds, yet have a common thread of Christ, which is all about love and caring for his children.


Published by Tyrus Hinton

Author, Business Owner and Inspirational Speaker

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