Several years ago my family and I was on our way to enjoy our first family vacation. The kids were small and the most economic way for us to travel at that time was to drive. Our first trip as a family started out great, luggage-check, children-check, snacks-check, beeper-check (no cell phones then-at least not for us) cash-check, and etc. Seems like we had everything that we needed to enjoy a great family vacation. So, here we go on our way to enjoy fun in the sun with no stress.

As we were on our way heading up into the mountains, suddenly the van starts loosing power and eventually caused us to pull over to the side. There we was, on our way to vacation but one small issue has caused us to be stuck. We sat in the dark for hours hoping that the state trooper or someone would stop to help us get off the side of this dark mountain in the curve. As vehicles of all kinds at different speeds passed by, we began to wonder all kinds of things. The kids woke up, they were getting anxious. We were getting concerned, we only packed snacks not meals. What good is it to have money and you are in the middle of nowhere? It was one of the scariest times for our entire family. Of course, finally a state trooper came thru and our car was towed to a safe place, we grabbed a room and had the vehicle repaired the next day.

I often think about this story as I coast through my everyday life. I think of the things that I felt on side of the road. Many of us are in that same position right now. We may not be in a car, but our situations can sure yield the same feeling especially when everyone seems to be moving and progressing and we remain in the same spot.

Here are 4 things to be aware of during the time of feeling “STUCK”

1- Bitterness
2- Resentment
3- Unhappiness
4- Self-pitty

There are many emotions and feelings that we all need to watch out for. These four seem to be the ones that pop out as I try to avoid getting stuck in other areas of my life.

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