Have you ever been riding with someone and you feel like they are going too fast? Did you say slow down, be careful or watch it there buddy? or Did you just let them continue full speed ahead with you being uncomfortable with your life in their hands?

When we consider the scenario listed above, it should prompt us to consider the cause of Christ being just as important as our lives. After all, he sacrificed his life so that we could have life and that more abundantly. (John 10:10)

Almost on a daily basis I am encountering more and more people that have moved fast and become furious within the body of Christ because no one took the time to tell them to slow down. There are times when folks just move too fast as a result of great inspiration and even vision.

While we have great inspiration and vision, we must be careful not to push so hard that we have gone ahead of God and his plan.

With ministry we can get so caught up in the hype of the crowd and those in our immediate circle that we miss the cause of Christ. When we miss this cause we move quickly at the sound of the hype and call the voice of truth our “haters”. I understand that there will be people that will oppose any idea or vision, yet there are folks that care and are committed to the cause of Christ and would rather see you successful which in most cases takes time.

Watch that hype! Just like the cheer, there is a booooooo waiting for poor performance.
The hype will cause you to go fast, but the boooooo will make you furious and in many cases cause you to quit. Slow it down, pace yourself, God wants to get the greatest out of you and he will IN HIS TIME!

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