Please enjoy this recap from Ms. Victoria Hooks. These are a few highlights from our recent JUMP Series sermon.

Pastor Tyrus Hinton blessed us last Sunday with this rich word. I had to go back to my notes.
The way to recover is not to stop but pace yourself.
I Peter 5 vs 10-11 and Job 42 vs 10-12, will show you how to recover.
*Endurance and recovery all at the same time.
*Its easy to be tricked and believe you can fix a problem.
*Faithfulness is when you don’t feel like it but you do it anyway.
*You have to learn the lesson of endurance and stay when you don’t feel like it.
*The enemy is prowling the earth. If you are weighted down, you can’t fight.
*Don’t give in to the devil. Resist the DEVIL!!
*Our stupidity is part of Gods plan, which He includes you of the things that we do.
*God has more hope for you, than you have for yourself.
***************JUMP, RECOVER, AND KEEP JUMPING!!********************
*You jumped, but didn’t prepare for recovery.
*We are going to learn to walk by FAITH.
*It takes mature people to come in to hear the word of God, and LIVE the word of God.
*If you are worshipping right you, you will get your recovery time.

I had to share!!!

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