Have you ever felt like the good you have done is a waste of time and enough is enough? Have you ever felt like God, you really could have just spoke a word and all of this would be done with?

Recently in my private reading time, I looked at 1Kings 19. I looked at this strong prophet of God who had carried his word, healed many through Gods power, gave hope, and provided guidance. He even laid face to face with a dead child and the kid sneezed and came back to life. I mean really, Elijah called down fire from heaven to consume his sacrifice in a battle with the prophets of Baal. This dude was no joke!

After all of these good works that would glorify our Heavenly Father, he then found himself running into a dessert and under a tree asking God to take his life at the voice of Jezebel. This sounds like many of us today. We are putting in the work, serving our God, representing him well, but then frustration comes which gives way to fear of a voice that is not God’s and then causes us to run to a dry place.

Here are a few quick lessons that help us gain courage in frustrating times.

1- God is concerned about us
He sends the Angel to wake him to eat more than one time. God would not allow depression to consume and cause him to sleep his purpose away. God knows our power is limited which is why we must operate in his power alone.

2- God is not finished
The angel lets him know that the journey is to great for thee, which informs us that God had more for Elijah to do. In this case he would not honor his request to die. I have good news for you, God is not going to honor your request to die either. There is too much good left in you! Too much work in your hands!

3- God honors our obedience
The bible says that Elijah went in the strength of that meal for 40 days. Even though Elijah was frustrated and wanted to give up, he kept his ears open to hear the voice of God thru his Angel.
Even though we are frustrated, God does not change his mind about our expected end. His plan for us is still true and sure. Keep your ears inclined to God, especially in these times. May have to sit down many of your electronic devices and maybe even unplug from social media for a short spell to ensure that you can still hear even in times of frustration.

Stay faithful to God and the task that he has assigned to your hand. The next time you feel frustrated and tempted to run remember that God is not finished, God is concerned, and God honors our obedience.

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