Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a button that we could push and delete every thing that didn’t go the way we had planned. There have been those times where I was like, I hope nobody saw that one. I have laughed at myself (and still do) very often when a blooper moment happens.

As I reflect deeper into the life of New Day CFC, I realize that I have had so many blooper moments. I am sure that I am going against the norm by sharing, but I do realize that I could possibly be much further along if some of the motivational praises were saved and the blooper moments were shared. I firmly believe when we honestly share with one another, past all of the superficial stuff we can help others find a less stressful way to fulfill their purpose. Im not afraid to share, perhaps someone will get to their destination much quicker. There is power in sharing.

Reflecting back on the last 7 years, here are a few times I said to myself “Did I do that?”
check them out……

The voice that is the loudest often gains response. So many people have great suggestions for the new pastor. I mean advice comes from every direction; the sincere, the know-it-alls, the hurt, the angry, the prideful, believers, leaders, wanna-be leaders, use-to-be leaders, aged leaders, young leaders and to be very honest it all sounds good to the ear of a new pastor. (after all we are seeking support) Many days after following advice of the many mentioned above, I realized that these were not the voices that would provide peace and direction for the vision that I had. The voices were extreme on all ends and very loud, but Thanks be to God in the midst of brokenness, I heard the STILL SMALL VOICE of Jesus and shifted the direction of both ME (first) then New Day. LOUD DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN RIGHT!

As church planters we are eager to build, have the best, put our best foot forward and give everyone an opportunity to work for Jesus. While this may be true, we must also be careful how much responsibility we give away so quickly. If there are only 10 of us gathering, is there really a need for a staff of 9. Sometimes we give away what we can really be doing on our own. Prayer, discipline and time management will grant us the energy we need to multitask. YOUR VISION, YOUR WORK, GOD WILL REWARD!

DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP! It took years of resources, planning and sacrifices to build what you have seen and have been a part of. Stick within your means. Work within your measure. When you have come from a place of great victory in every area it can be very tempting to believe that you can duplicate it. Be very careful. Have the model but believe God for authenticity for your own task.

Watch those numbers. It is tempting to have the greatest, latest, better than and play the comparison game. Until you can have the “spotlight voices” support their ministry, buy a DVD and have fellowship with one another. This was a hard lesson, But I learned it. SAVE THAT CASH, you will need it to impact your community.

It is always flattering for people to recognize the call of God on your life. Who wouldn’t want to be seen as a next generation leader, after all we have been groomed for this. With this call comes responsibility. The last thing I want to do is run in circles; it takes to much time and I don’t do well being dizzy. Reading is key to developing. So many resources are out here to help us learn. Find someone who is doing it the way your vision is shaped. Ask the hard questions, value their honesty and clearly line out the path for the success of our church, business or organization.

Think about those moments in your life where you have asked this same question, answer yourself honestly and make the necessary adjustments.

Thats all folks!

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