This is an amazing time for the New Day Christian Fellowship Church of NC as God has declared October to be our month of overflow. I am sure that if you are connected with me on any form of social media, you have seen the hashtag I’ve been using #OverflowinOctober.

This word comes at a time when many of us need to be reassured and encouraged to keep the faith in troubled times. Ephesians 3:20 (KJV) says “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think”, I believe that the time is here for us to see the “above all” of God. To me above all = overflow!

What better time to experience overflow than right now. Increase is good, but we don’t want to put a cap there, we want the fullness and abundance of God in every area of our lives. Many times when we think overflow, money comes to mind but I believe that we will have overflow in many areas; peace, health, joy, happiness, spirituality, laughter, love and money too. After all we are the children of God and we want every area of our lives to experience the “above all” of God.

So remember when you pray throughout the day today, end it with the hashtag #OverflowinOctober!

3 thoughts on “OVERFLOW IN OCTOBER

  1. I believe in my overflow in my New Day in every area of my life, so come on let’s move forward. The word is rich, the Power of God is life changing. There is no day like a New Day in your life. #OverflowinOctober

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