It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed! Welcome to 2014.
Now that we have arrived at this place, lets begin our journey with prayer and fasting that will be sure to carry us through without fail. I believe that this is a great time to draw near to God as he orders our steps and plans in 2014. Below I have listed a 7 benefits to/of and for you taking this journey with me.

1 Is a practice that God commands.
2 Moves God and moves you!
3 Quiets your flesh, making it easier to hear the Holy Spirit.
4 Is an opportunity for you to show your flesh who is in control. The Holy Spirit rules you!
5 Strengthens your spirit as you dedicate that time to prayer.
6 Creates a bond with your Kingdom family as we unite together in prayer.
7 Cleanses toxins from your body, helping you to start the year healthy.

Please see the brochure for details fasting details.
Consecration Brochure 2014_Pastor Tyrus


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