IMPULSIVE by Tyra Hinton


Im so excited to announce a New Voice on the rise. My daughter has been writing poems since she was about 6 years old. Till this day, my wife and I have a copy of it at home which will some day be published for all to read.

The most recent events have caused her to write from a very different angle and I thought that I would share this forum with her to inspire you to further develop whatever talent that you may have also.

Enjoy…….IMPULSIVE by Tyra Hinton

Black on black violence
Is it really the white man
Tears shed by mothers of men
How easy it is to take a life

The other man feels no shame to slander a mans name
Let alone his life, for its his right
For we are “dull and impulsive” we have no education or aspiring dreams
We are forced to be slaves and live a life of reconciliation
Because we are the pattern we have become the salvation
To keep slavery alive

Why should they care how beautifully brown our skin is
How beautiful our brown eyes are
And how much wisdom our forefathers have passed down to us
When we sell our souls, bodies, and humanity to things that hinder us from being amazing

The lack of examples we have in our community strikes at us daily
And you would think that we would get after each tear is wiped away
But how easy is it to take a life

Mothers on their knees and faces buried into the ground sobbing
When will we get it, We don’t have a chance
Why, because we are “dull and impulsive”
But how easy it is to take a life

It makes no difference when violence and drugs are promoted
All we can do is be rappers and drug dealers
Our pants hanging down breasts hanging out
Bodies written all over
What example are we being for ourselves
We make room for people to take our lives

Who will be the change in life
As growing pains become harder to bare on a daily basis
We are always the targeted group
“freeze drop the gun” “put your hands in the air”
All because they THINK you have something in your pocket

Shots fired 1 round 2 rounds 3 rounds
Im already dead
When you pointed the gun at me and began to pull the trigger
My life was taken
I woke up this morning without an intent to kill or harm anyone
I was just going to the store and then to school

But because I am black
The color of my skin defines a race
And our ethnicity is no longer filled with watermelon and chicken jokes
Rather than how many of them can we get today

How many of our men can we put in jail
How many of our women can we kidnap today
We are an undefined race defined by tragedy that “strengthens” our abilities

If a black man can do it to each other then why cant we do it
For it is our right
We have always had a say so
you guys have always been and will always be slaves.

A man unharmed is a man not charged
You don’t earn your cool points this way
Go stand on a corner and dap people up as you slide a dime bag in their hands
Go sell your bodies for chump change so that you can provide for you and your man
Who doesn’t want to work but owns a 9mm and does nothing but tear you down

Rise up above our “RACE”
Be better than how the world molds you
Be the change as you evolve in your community
Don’t leave so soon, groom the next generation
To be more than “dull and impulsive”
We make it so easy to kill and be killed
Maybe we are dull and impulsive

How easy is it to be killed without open eyes and thoughts
Growing daily we watch a flower bloom to die the next season
Is this what we are doing
Having babies to kill them off

This is an injustice to our beliefs and morals
But we are so proud to be who we are
Not really knowing how much of a disappointment we are
Know who you are

–Tyra Hinton

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