Happy Tuesday! I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday as I am. As I stated yesterday I will be posting each day this week concerning giving thanks. Enjoy today’s blog.

2) If You Concentrate On What You Don’t Have You Will Never Have Enough

This is the ending of the quote that speaks of our need as a society to always want more. No matter how much we have or achieve there is always something more, something better to obtain. There is nothing wrong with a healthy ambition and desire to be successful, but the crucial detail is what drives our ambition. All too often it is fueled by a desire to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. This type of behavior causes us to constantly compare ourselves with others leading to the development of jealousy, bitterness and sadness and eventually a focus on failures and disappointments. When this happens we lose sight and mindfulness of the everyday events that would sustain our joy. Forgetfulness and lack of awareness are obstacles to thankfulness. Don’t get so caught up in the ‘getting’ that you forget to enjoy what you already have!


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