What a week it has been for me! While I have enjoyed inspiring all of you through blogs, encouraging text, and social media status’ I have had some challenges of my own to deal with. I have had many things to grab my attention from several different directions.
Even through my challenges, I try to find a way to be thankful!

Here are 3 things that I am thankful this week.

1- Seeing my mom sit in a chair
My mom has been in the hospital for the last 93 days. Yesterday, for the first time the nurse and medical assistant got my mom out of bed and allowed her to sit in a chair. Talk about clicking heels and stomping with praise! On many of my previous visits at best they would sit the bed up high, but yesterday as my mom sat in the chair I talked with her and even got a little smile out of her. Its HUGE to me! I felt like she was out of bed just for me!

2- Employment or better employment
On a weekly basis we make this declaration during our time of giving at Vibe Church. As I left work Thursday evening, I began to really thank God for a place to call work. In a time when many are looking for jobs and having major struggles, Im so thankful that I am gainfully employed. I am a giver and have a clear understanding that one has to have in order to give.

3- A healthy family
My children and the best and the worst all at the same time. lol But seriously, when you have buried one of your children it changes how you view them. Im so thankful that my children are healthy, focused and working hard at accomplishing their own goals that they have set for themselves. In a time when marriage is not taken very seriously, Im so thankFUL that my wife and I are about to celebrate our 20th wedding Anniversary. Its pretty cool to have someone to do “life” with. We have had all kinds of days; great, good, bad, broke, days of plenty, sad times, happy, exciting, fun but most off all we have made it through the test of times and preparing for the greatest days ahead.

I have honestly noticed that being thankful really helps lift some stress out of our situations.
Think about it, review your week and see how many things you can come up with that you are thankful for and make your way to a church tomorrow and rejoice with other brothers and sisters.

One thought on “3 THINGS

  1. Thank you for sharing this! It’s helped me to be even more grateful, thankful for this blessed life that God had given me. I thank God for blessing me more than I deserve.

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