Grateful in the Workplace – Tips for Creating a Culture of Gratitude


The weekend is almost here. Use these tips to promote a Thankful Thursday!

Tips for Creating a Culture of Gratitude

Employees need to hear “thank you”. Everyone needs to hear authentic appreciation, and more often than just once-in-while for that huge weekend project, or year-end budget deadline.

The more you give, the more you get. People who feel appreciated want to be helpful. And, those in an environment of gratitude trust each other.

Saying thank you doesn’t cost a thing, but it raises the self-worth of those receiving gratitude; while raising their confidence in those offering it.

Remember the “co-stars”. Every office has a team that commands the attention: salespeople, the V.P.’s, etc… Remember the support staff behind the system. Everyone plays a part in making the work-machine actually work!

Forced thanks are never well received. Be genuine and authentic.

Gratitude is not “thanking someone for doing their job” – you’re thanking your co-worker for all they bring to the table.

Extend appreciation beyond those you work with to include customers and clients. Gratitude could include thank-you notes, coupons or promotions.

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