Protecting Your Heart from Entitlement


Well we are wrapping up the November Sermon Series on being thankFULL. I pray that these blogs caused you to do major introspection in your life. No matter where we are in our social, economic, spiritual, financial, and even possibly physical state, I’m willing to bet- most of us are better off than our predecessors. We have been afforded more opportunities to excel, achieve, and acquire than our forefathers could ever imagine. With that comes a huge responsibility to protect our heart from developing a strong sense of entitlement.  The only way to prevent such travesty to our blessing is keeping our feet grounded in the things that matter. It’s like the old adage, “Where everything like a loose shirt!” In other words, easy on and easy off, easy come and easy go. I reminded of Job, from the book of Job in the bible, whom the Lord allowed the adversary to take his wealth, health, and his children from him. This was the result of a conversation between God and the devil, as they, for lack of better words wagered on Job’s response if he lost EVERYTHING,  but his life. Before we get into Job’s response, let’s talk about yours. If right now you lost your job, home, health AND your children – would you charge God foolishly? The Apostle Paul said it best, “I know how to live in poverty or prosperity. No matter what the situation, I’ve learned the secret of how to live when I’m full or when I’m hungry, when I have too much or when I have too little.” WOW- you can only share the sentiments of Paul, if you haven’t allowed possessions, position, and power to alter the makeup of your soul. Now let’s go back to Job, he never charged God foolishly for his lost, and in the end he was awarded double than what he had before his divine test. If you are reading this blog today and you feel that you have allowed possessions to lead you to entitlement, stop and repent. Ask God to clean your heart from the ungodliness that can come with riches, and vow to always be conscious and grateful of everything in your life.  For this is the sentiments of a grateFULL heart – if I lose it all, to God be the Glory for what I had, if I gain more, to God be the Glory for what he has given.

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