My take on the Mike Brown/Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement

I am disheartened at the news of grief and violence that has transpired over the last 12 hours due to the verdict being announced of the decision of the Grand Jury in Ferguson.

I can approach this topic from many angles as a black man, a father to young black men, and a community leader.  It seems like it was just yesterday George Zimmerman was able to walk from the murder of Trayvon Martin. In fact, I can fill this blog up with many examples of injustice that has transpired over the last two years, but I choose not to put my focus there. I want to take the time to encourage community leaders to reach out in your local area and let’s build our communities. What I sense as I look at the news of vandalism and rioting in Ferguson is the feeling of disempowered community. They feel unprotected, so they are taking matters in to their own hands.  Local community leaders, especially local churches should focus on empowerment. Local churches need to become centers where they not only can hear spiritually motivated messages, but centers of reform where thought patters and consciousness can be altered. What the world lacks most is Love and Faith, what we should have most in every local church in every community is an overabundance of Love and Faith.  I believe in the days ahead that the local church is going to be the new answer to the problems of the community. If this is going to happen, it is going to take a certain kind of sacrifice and venture off of the proverbial beaten path of what church has been up until now. It also means that those in the church will have to sacrifice their personal agendas as well. If we are going to really impact the community, our stance can NOT be Pro-Black or Anti-American, it’s has to be Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. We will have desegregate ourselves, and open our doors to those who don’t look like us. We will have to sacrifice our church agendas and increase our budgets in areas of evangelism and outreach. When I look at the situation in Ferguson, I can’t help but see a hurt community. I believe strongly there are local churches that have the salve to mend and heal.

We are finishing up our November Sermon Series on being Thankful, and I’m extremely thankful for you all that take the time to read my daily blogs. I hope that I have said something that has shifted your consciousness and put you on the path you were destined to travel.

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