God is in Control

God is in Control

Thanksgiving is tomorrow – for some of us a great part of the day will be spent around the table eating some of our favorite Holiday dishes, or maybe your family has some other kind of cool tradition that you do every year. Whatever your plans, I ask you to take some time to reflect. I want you to think about this year. I’m sure if you’ve had a year like mine, then your 2014 has been quite of a roller coaster ride. A slow start on a steep incline, then a POP, from there it’s been nothing but ups and downs, twist and turns. It’s easy to become very negative and then complain, but the reality is everything that has happened this year was supposed to happen. Every disappointment, heartache, moment of confusion- EVERYTHING HAPPENED JUST AS IT WAS SUPPOSED TO.  I’m telling you this because I don’t want you going through the next two months worrying and over analyzing the could’ve, should’ve, would’ve of life. Your 2014 was ordained to be just as it was. God is watching over you, he’s monitoring your every move and unbeknownst to you, everything is working for your good. Just take a moment and take that in – now whisper under your breath, “It’s working for my good”. No matter where you are in the wide spectrum of life, you are right where you are supposed to be. Allow today’s post to shift your thinking, and don’t have another moment of doubt on where you are in your life. God’s view is panoramic and ours is narrow. He can see what we can’t. Rest assure that your detours and distraction are divine!

Happy Holidays!

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