The Power of Forgiveness – It’s Time to Let Go


This is the last blog for the November Sermon Series “Thankful.” Being that we are officially in the Holiday season, which is a time where we reunite with loved ones, I want to talk about forgiveness. I know many people who for the sake of “keeping the peace” will harbor resentment, hurt, and ill spoken words from year to year not knowing that is it causing death to the forward movement of all things concerning their lives. Holding to this type of negativity, will not only affect your emotional well being, but it also known to cause cancerous cells in your body. I want to provoke every reader to “LET IT GO”. Remember this, healing begins at exposure. What you don’t expose will become infectious and affect every area of your life. What if unforgiveness is the reason why you can’t get ahead in your finances? What if the problem in your marriage is due to the unresolved issues that you’ve yet to discuss with your mother? Don’t you for a second think that just because you have “moved on” that your soul has moved on. A piece of your soul stops in time at the moment it was hurt, and never moves from that place until proper healing takes place. The only way proper healing can take place is by confrontation and exposure. Now do you see the importance of seeking healing? For those of you that cannot confront past hurt because the person has passed away or you have seperated yourself from that person in have no way of getting in contact with them. It has been said that writing a letter to them, expressing how you feel, holding nothing back can be just as effective as confronting the person. The key is to release the hurt, so that you can move forward with life. We are challenged as it is already with the viccitudes of life, we can’t afford to allow anything extra to hinder our growth. So before this month is out challenge yourself to confront every buried wound, and free yourself for the greatness that is ahead in 2015.

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