The Last Hour


It’s the month of December, which means it’s the 12th and last month of the year. Twelve represents the number of completeness. This is the month where you look back over the last 11 months and decide if you have fulfilled everything you were designed to do. If you haven’t, then this is the month to kick into 5th gear. Let’s observe the story of Samson, who was deceived by Delilah and gave up the secret to his ability to be a mighty warrior. Here he is bound up and blind, no supernatural power to perform, but he musters up enough strength to petition God one more time for victory. He asked a young lad to lead him to the two middle pillars which the entire house rested upon. He pushed and the house collapsed, killing more people in one time than he did in his entire life. Maybe you feel like you have committed the ultimate sin, and there is no redemption. In this final hour of the year, I want to encourage you that in the time of grave defeat, that you can maximize the moment and turn it in to “that” victory that your life will be noted by. It is never too late to begin again. This month of December I want you to bear down, grit your teeth, and push forward with everything you got. Your tenacity mixed with Faith will allow you to accomplish more in December than you did in January through November of 2014.

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