Friendships – Are they essential?


Today I want to share with you something that is very important for our overall health spiritually and naturally. The bible says in Matthew 24:12 that, “Because of the increase of wickedness, the Love of most will grow cold” That scripture says so many things to me, but mainly it speaks of the current condition of the soul of mankind. As time progresses, it’s not that people will choose not to Love; they won’t have the ability to Love. Being that Love is a key component in any valid relationship, it stands to reason that real relationships will become extinct. To that fact, the ideal of the friend is a dying concept in this culture of dog eat dog, it’s all about me. Have you noticed that some of the key components of the Christian experience are missing overall? There is a lack of trust, honesty, belief, selflessness, and patience to name a few. We were taught as kids growing up that these were some of the fruit of the Spirit. The above mentioned were an automatic if you lived a Spirit-led life. I can only deduce that if there is a lack of valid, effective relationships in your life, chances are there is a lack of Godliness in you or in those around you. WOW! Ok I know that might be a tough pill to swallow, but’s let’s think about this.  When you really are living a spirit led life, you will exude characteristics that make you loving and lovable. In fact John 15:35 states, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you Love one another.” Ok so, the scripture states that the true effectiveness of your evangelism is not based on the amount you give, or how often you attend church, but by your LOVE. Do you see the contrast, so while the world’s Love will wax cold, our Love should be growing abundantly. Let’s take a moment to introspect, have you allowed life to stifle you Love component? Have you kept yourself from great friendships, due to fear of being hurt again? If your answer is yes, than beware- you might look more like the world than what you think. This week, I want you to pray this, “Lord increase my Love component”. It’s a very simple prayer with a powerful implication. If God is Love, and we are asking him to increase our Love, then what we are really saying is, Lord give me more of you.

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