When the Leaves Fall

What Happens every 60 seconds

In North Carolina one of the main things that let us know that we have transitioned into the Fall Season is the array of leaves that fall from the trees and cover our neighborhoods and streets. I’ve always looked at the fallen leaves as a nuisance to the landscape, as well as a danger to the roads when wet- until I realized something very interesting. I was recently driving on a road that I travel on often; randomly I started noticing things that I hadn’t seen before. Houses, actually very beautiful houses, that were nestled away behind the trees and deep seclusion. After driving about a half of a mile and noticing things I just hadn’t noticed before- it dawned on me, the tree leaves have been covering this up all year. With the leaves falling, I was able to see the beauty of the neighborhood that was there the entire time. Here are my thoughts concerning the falling of the leaves. Sometimes we get so caught up in “our thing”, our dream, our goals, our money, and our family. We get content with what we have, rightfully so, being that many of us have fought tooth and nail to make it to the place we are now. The issue is when we get so comfortable within ourselves, that we stop pushing for greater. Here is a thought you should study – excellence is not a place, it’s a journey. The moment you stop expecting greater, you desensitize yourself to it, and you can be right in the vicinity of greater and want even know it. So what happens is, God will use life to get your attention. He’ll cause things to die, he’ll make what was once plush and green, brown and brittle. He does this JUST TO GET YOUR ATTENTION. There is nothing that will snap us out of the comatose of complacency like “our thing” dying. If you feel like everything around you is collapsing, let it fall, then open your eyes and look again, you’ll find greater was waiting on you to notice her the entire time. Here is a truth proven all throughout the scripture, as well as, proven through your life, when God lets something die, it’s because there is something greater that he wants to live!

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