The Grass is Always Greener……

Grass is always Greener where you water it

The grass always looks green on the other side! If you’re like me, not only have you heard this saying multiple times, you’ve experienced it firsthand more times than that. It’s amazing how we tend to never be completely satisfied with what we have. Many times it’s not about getting more, it’s about getting someone else’s. One of the things that trouble me concerning this present generation is that they don’t understand the power of the process. With technology at their disposal, they can obtain almost anything at literally the speed of light. Think about it, just 10 years ago when we were about to go on a long road trip we would have to log on to mapquest, put in the start and end destination address then you would be offered the best route. You would have to write down the directions step by step or print the directions out. Go back another 10 years and every car would have in their glove compartment a map, and you had to find your destination and trace your route out. It was almost imperative to have a co-driver who could read the map as easily as you could or you were definitely in for a very eventful trip. Now on every smart phone and almost in every car there is a GPS, put the address in and a voice activated prompt will supply you with turn by turn directions to anywhere you want to go in the world. What took careful thought and processing has turned into a simple pushing of the button. I’m sure there are many youngsters who see the simple turn by turn as a staple versus an accessory. This ability to have what you want, when you want it, how you want it has left many ungrateful. We can’t value what we have in our hands, because we didn’t work for it or we don’t understand the process it takes to get it. When you have to work hard for what you have, and you fully understand the process it takes to get it – you value it and no matter what anyone else has, it pales in comparison to what you’ve built. There is an epidemic out called “The Quits”- people start businesses, get married, open churches and as soon as things get hard, they want to jump ship. It’s safe to say this person didn’t understand processing. No matter how convenient things have become, if you are going to build something substantial, then you will have to face the challenge called processing. Being persistent and devoted to what you are called to do is the common cure to the quits. So the next time you look over at someone else’s field and envy the lush greenness of their landscape, pull out your water hose and garden material and say yes to the process. In just a matter of time you’ll have developed something that is uniquely made for you, and its worth has no valuation to it!

Published by Tyrus Hinton

Author, Business Owner and Inspirational Speaker

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