Season Changes


Just like winter snows

Thats the way seasons come and go

Just like the autumn leaves fall

Thats just the story of us all

The above is a verse from a song from music artist Tonex aka Bslade. If I had to give a one word answer to describe life, one of the words that I would contemplate using is seasons. As the lyrics above state, seasons come and go just like the Winter snow.  This metaphor brings to mind what I do every winter when it snows outside. Habitually, I always go outside and allow the snowflakes to fall in the palm of my hands, I watch as they gracefully land but, quickly disappear.

In life you will have some rainy days, then you’ll have some scorching hot days, you’ll also experience some bitter cold days, and thankfully you’ll have some days in the transition of the seasons that are “just right.” Ironically, the just right days are fewer than the days that bring you extreme challenges, and typically they serve as a sign that “change is coming get ready.” If we fail to understand that this is the way of life, we will spend our days confused, disappointed, troubled, and every other negative adjective you can think of. Instead, we should understand that each season serves its purpose in our life.  Now that I have made it very clear that seasons are inevitable, it goes without saying that we (human beings) are the variables that I need to focus on. We spend so much time trying to keep “things” from changing vs. solidifying our person so we don’t allow “things” to change us. See, I can’t control what life brings to me, but I can control how I respond to it. We spend a lot of our time and energy trying to fix what was meant to be broke, per the divine purpose of our life, while leaving broke what is meant to be fixed…US! I want you to bring your life into perspective today, stop trying to change external things that can’t change, and start putting your focus on internal things like your character, your response in bad times, your quick temper, your bad attitude – I mean the list can go on and on.

So let the seasons come and go, just like the winter snow, they shouldn’t be your concern anyway.

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