The Secret Success

Falure is Success

Generally speaking when one considers what it takes to be successful, you think of hard work, perseverance, much training, and a little bit of luck. There is one key that is not considered when thinking about successes’ ingredients and that is failure. FAILURE IS INEVITABLE! As a matter of fact, you will fail way more then you succeed. Remember this: Failure will be your greatest mentor. Failure actually conditions you for success; it teaches you things about yourself that you otherwise wouldn’t know. Failure causes you to have a genuine respect for yourself, as you have to face you – the good, bad, and ugly. Failure shows you who your real friends are, as the fake friends will either leave you or celebrate your fall. Failure teaches you how to give unconditional love, as the first person you have to give that treasure of grace to is yourself. One of the mysteries of life is that things grow by death. Just take a moment to let that sink in. Life’s paradoxal methods will have you discouraged, assuming you are going down the wrong path, but the reality is that the harder it gets, the better it gets. The darker the days, the better you see. If everything around you is dying, that means life soon come! I love you guys, thanks for reading!

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