Our Way isn’t God’s Way


One day I was contemplating whether or not I should stop doing a particular task I felt led of God to do. I mean I wasn’t very good at it, as a matter of fact I was horrible at it. I felt I could use my gifts in another area of ministry that suited my skillset.  That seems like the logical thing to do right? I mean who wants to be on the loosing team? As I was constructing this grand escape scheme that would alleviate me from having to be responsible for this particular task, I had one of those invading thoughts that stop you in the middle of your thought path and cause you to reconsider. Doing a task for God has nothing to do with Failure or success, but it has everything to do with your willingness to do it. It could be that the outcome was never for your to succeed, but it was to teach you how to handle failure. Isaiah 55:8 NIV says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.” As a citizen of the Kingdom we can’t size up circumstances, conditions, and/or situations by the world’s standards. We have to seek God in everything to get his thoughts concerning everything. What you deem as bad, God can deem as good and/or vice versa. The key is to seek the Lord, allow him to give you directions concerning where you are and where you are going. Let him tell you what to accept and reject, what to allow or deny. Today I want you to remove yourself from any pre-conceived notions about your present state, and ask the Lord to reveal to you what is his will for your life. You might be surprised that the very thing you would get rid of is the very thing God wants you to keep.

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