How to beat depression during the Holiday season

Holiday Blues

I have spoken to numerous of people who don’t celebrate Christmas, not due to religious or cultural beliefs, but simply due to the amount of negative emotions that they are challenged with around this time of year. I want to share with you 4 things you could do to break the cycle of negative emotions around this year.

  1. Do Something out of the box.

Plan something within the means of your budget that is totally opposite of what you would normally do during the Holiday Season. Try new things like Ice Skating, a musical or a new restaurant.

  1. Stay away from negative triggers.

It never cease to amaze me how people knowingly put themselves in negative situations. I’ve seen people for the sake of keeping up appearances attend Christmas parties and family gatherings that are extremely toxic for a positive holiday season. Newsflash – just because you’ve been going to Grandma’s house every year since you can remember, doesn’t mean you have to go this year. If it is going to serve you a negative experience DON’T DO IT THIS YEAR.

  1. Give Back.

Volunteer your time to a family or group of people you do not know. One way to break depression is to take the focus off of you and put it on someone else. The energy that it will take to spread positive energy will greatly impact others and be beneficial to your health and wellbeing as well.

  1. Turn your frown upside down!

Research shows that smiling during brief periods of stress may help reduce the body’s stress response, regardless of whether the person actually feels happy or not. When you are in the heat of the battle between giving up your sanity or giving into a deeply rooted negative emotion, if you can just muster up enough energy to smile, I believe you’ll feel better!!!

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