Be Strong and of Good Courage

Be Strong and of Good Courage
I believe that we will travel in some unchartered territory in 2015. I am not ONLY speaking metaphorically, but also literally. Are you ready? 2014 was a year of training and equipping. We had to take time to sharpen our edges that we allowed to get dull due to the vicissitudes of life. Our motives were tested by circumstance to see if we would give up on God if “that” blessing didn’t come through. See, the Lord has a way of ridding us of our crutches to make sure we will follow him with a limp. (Did you catch that?) It’s easy to follow God when you have more than enough money, things are going well on your job, and your marriage is going great. I believe God wanted to see in 2014 who was going to follow him fervently with EVERYTHING going wrong.  Well if you are reading this it leaves me reason to believe that you made it! You were tried and now you have came out as pure gold.
Ok, so now that we have taken care of that let’s discuss what’s coming up next. I want to bring up Joshua  – Moses’ predecessor who was going to finish the work that God had started via his mentor. The problem was that Joshua’s crutch had been removed and there was no man standing in-between God and himself. If Joshua was going to hear from God accurately to lead this mass of people to the promised land he was going to have to depend upon his own Faith.
This is where you either are or will shortly get there where you will transition out of struggle into pursuit of the promise. Will you allow what was divinely taken from you to keep you from advancement? As God told I tell you, BE STONG AND VERY COURAGEOUS move forward with precision knowing that with God you are on the winning side!!!

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