Staying Focused


The Christmas Holidays are over, the sales will soon end and before we know it, the only Christmas decoration that we will see are solely from the extreme procrastinators who refuse to take their decorations down before February 1st! It’s time to go back to work and return back to our diets and finally bid your visiting relatives farewell. Now it’s time to reflect – was it worth it? You stressed over the right gift, the right outfit for the Christmas party, how was your favorite dish going to turn out – all the meanwhile loosing focus on the things that really matter. Let’s admit – the festivities and all things that are including in the Holidays can really throw you off your center.

I’m reminded of the story of Gideon as God was trying to teach him an extreme faith lesson – he told him to take his few soldiers he had left to water and he who kneels down to drink the water would be exempt from fighting in this spiritual battle, but those who lapped the waters out of their hands were able to be apart of the divine mission that would shape the course of our biblical history in Faith.
The ideal was he who let’s his guard down was not a worthy soldier to fight for the Lord our God, but he who even while quenching their thirst remembered to keep his guard up would make the final cut as an elite chosen soldier in Gideon’s army.
Introspection: Were you extremely focused on finishing the year strong, but the temptation of Holiday Cheer drove you to kneeling down and drinking from the water, taking your focus off of what is most important right now? If this is you, refocus RIGHT NOW, we have 2 more days left in the new year. Gather yourselves and zero in we are almost there!

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