Prioritizing for the New Year

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Wow we are in 2015!! Let me ask you a question? Can you look back at 2014 and see where  you invested your money, energy and/or time in a person, place, or thing that totally wasn’t worth it? Now don’t get me wrong, this thing doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Did you know you can invest into good things at the wrong time just as much as you can invest into bad things? As a matter of fact, the deception is stronger to invest into a good thing at the wrong time vs investing in a bad thing all together. Some of you might need a moment to take that in. Not to beat this path too much but, lets even take this deeper. Just because you are aware of a need doesn’t mean you should always be the one to fulfill it. The point I’m attempting to bring to light is that in 2015 we need to comb through a list of things that we intend to give our energy, time and money to and commit so strong to those things that it overshadows every distraction that could detour you from goals, destiny, desires and paths of success.
I was counseling an individual just a couple of days ago and I begin to try and encourage them and get them to see how talented they are. As well, I was trying to enlighten them on how it is so easy for your focus to get distracted, that you fail to put your energy in areas that matter the most. I gave them this piece of advice that I want to share with you. Make of list of things that you feel divinely you are suppose to put the majority if not all of your focus on. Naturally, the top choice that would get the greatest percentage of focus would be in the #1 slot then list 4 other things in order of their priority. I told her after she names those top 5 things, to not let NOTHING distract her from pouring her energy into them appropriately.
I want to challenge you to do the same thing, before the this week it out, right down your top 5 priority list. Be led by your calling, and the direction you KNOW you are suppose to go this year. Then commit to that like it’s a full time job. I want to add one caveat to this — don’t be surprised if your list has to be adjusted as you either accomplish goals, divinely receive a different set of directives, or your life changes in a way that causes you to have to re-prioritze. Other than that, let’s be more productive, potent, and progressive in 2015!

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