The Benefits of Fasting Part 1

As many of you know I pastor one of the greatest churches in the Raleigh/Durham area. Now I’m sure you might think the aforementioned statement is extremely debatable, but since this is my blog I can say that and not have to take it back. 🙂
As customary to our yearly schedule we are participating in corporate fasting. With that being said, I want to spend the remainder of the week discussing some of the benefits of fasting. Though the ideal of fasting for the majority of the Christian world is deeply rooted in our spiritual convictions, there are some very natural benefits to fasting that can positively affect your health.
  1. Your Digestive System needs a break
While we are fasting whether it is an absolute, normal or partial fast, we are giving our digestive system a much needed break. According to Dr. Naomi Neufeld, an endocrinologist at UCLA, “You re-tune the body, suppress insulin secretion, reduce the taste for sugar, so sugar becomes something you’re less fond of taking.”

What happens is that the body eventually uses up the stored sugar (glycogen) so that less insultin is needed to help the body digest food. And that gives your pancreas a rest.

Many of our digestive systems are on overload as we are constantly eating foods that are not easy to break down. During periods of fasting it allows your digestive system to catch up and properly break down all the food that we’ve taken in.

Tomorrow we will discuss how self-discovery is easier when you are fasting..

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