The Benefits of Fasting Part 2

As we mentioned yesterday, I wanted to continue the discussion on fasting, as I’m leading my church in our beginning of the year consecration. The point I want to bring up today is how fasting can assist in self-discovery.
This is really a very simple concept as it deals primarily with habit. Eating what we want, when we want, how we want can easily become second nature to us. Likened unto walking, turning on light switches or talking. Forcing yourself to break your daily routine, creates opportunities for you to become more conscious of yourself and the things that matter. Though fasting is primarily a restriction of food, it is truly a work of the soul. You inevitably put yourself in front of a mirror and slowly but surely become of aware of who you are (the good, the bad, and the ugly).
Fasting creates an opportunity for you to quite the outside distractions caused by an excess amount of entertainment such as food, TV, and social media to name a few, and totally focus on hearing your own voice. You’ll be shocked on what your inner self has been saying all last year, but your life was so noisy you couldn’t hear.
My prayer for you is that during this month of fasting and consecration that you seize this opportunity to still your life so that you can hear for the upcoming year!

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