The Benefits of Fasting Part 3


Do you remember the old adage, “You don’t miss the water until the well run dry?” It speaks of the overabundance that we in the Western Hemisphere have become all too familiar with. Only when this overabundance runs empty we truly begin to appreciate what we had.
That leads me into point 3 of the benefits of fasting – Gratefulness. As we are restricting ourselves from food and whatever else you have opted to give to God during this sacred period, it gives you an opportunity to see how you’ve been blessed. After all, the hunger that is caused by food restriction, the overwhelming desire to eat sweets or the thirst to drink your favorite drink is just temporary. There is someone out there who doesn’t have a choice but to be hungry, thirsty, or to feed their craving with their favorite sweet snack. During this period of sacrifice – I pray that you develop a new level of gratitude in the fact that what you are sacrificing what most don’t have access to.

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