Got Faith – Part 3

Well it’s Wednesday – affectionately known as “hump day” if you have been really soaking up these writings on Faith, then I already know you’ve had a GREAT WEEK so far.
Let’s talk to day on how you manufacture Faith. First of all, Faith is a spiritual energy that you give to God. As we learned on Monday, you need it in order to please God. It is just as important as Love. Let’s make this very clear- you can’t be a Christian without FAITH and LOVE. I don’t care how much you give, sacrifice, praise, fast, and pray….all of that is void without Faith and Love. Now that we got that drilled in your heart let’s keep on going.
Faith is a spiritual energy that is manufactured by GOD — NOPE — Faith is manufactured by us! We produce Faith, and we offer up to God as an offering our energy filled Faith. It is a form of worship, it’s a consciousness that the believer must have. So if Faith is an energy that is simply offered to God, what makes it so difficult to have faith? That’s simple, because “we” have to produce it. If you have holes in your self-belief, then it is going to be very difficult– nearly impossible to have whole Faith in God. Perhaps the trying of your Faith compacity was never the devil, maybe it was your unbelief in yourself? A broken soul can not produce whole Faith.
I am going to stop right here and let you meditate on that for the remainder of the day and we are going to go further on tomorrow. Here is what I want you to think about: Am I whole enough to produce whole Faith? Has my low self-view damaged my view of God? Really ponder on those questions and ask God to show you yourself. Show you where the Faith breach is in your soul. Perhaps it was the absence of a father or mother, perhaps it’s that private struggle that you haven’t quite came to terms with…whatever it is deal with it, because it is hindering the very thing that is required to please God.

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