Got Faith – Part 4

Happy Thursday!
I hope that you are enjoying this week as much as I am. Yesterday we started discussing about Faith, and how it is something that you produce. If you want whole faith, then you must be a whole soul.
One of the ills of the church is a “Jesus will fix it”or “the Devil is busy” mentality. We oscillate from one to the other, constantly blaming either the Devil or Jesus for everything that happens in our lives. The reality is that we control quite a bit of what happens in our life. I remember as a child growing up in church if something good happened God did it, if something bad happened the Devil did it. No one ever took responsibility for anything – good, bad, or indifferent. This really caused a bit of psychosis in the body of Christ, it lead many to disconnect from reality, which in turn many Christians lived a powerless life.
The reality is real spirituality isn’t like that. In order for you to really be spiritual, you have to do it from the inside out. What do I mean by that, you ask? A truly spiritual person is deeply connected with themselves, they understand their path, the know exactly what direction they’re headed, the are extremely disciplined, they are very positive, in character they are second to none. Hmmmm, that isn’t quite the picture that has been painted for most of us – we saw the old church mother who fasted and prayed all the time, and never missed a church service as the deeply spiritual. Sadly, what we call spiritual is more than likely religion, and what spirituality really is we scoff at it because it’s doesn’t quite fit the mental picture we’ve had in our heads.
Here is the point I’m trying to get to – if we are going to be truly spiritual and be producers of the God kind of Faith mentioned in Hebrews, we are going to have to start focusing on ourselves. The state of our souls (our mental, emotional, phycological, and spiritual state) due to a lack of concern for the healthiness of our inner man is at a all time low. Remember this: the way to God is through you. You heart is the pathway to God. If it is cluttered with hurt, jealous, hatred, undisciplined ways etc. then it clogs the passage way. It makes travel challenging. The only person that can fix that is YOU. So when it comes to offering up the energy of Faith to God it isn’t as pure as it can be because your produce what you are and who you are.
When it comes to the issues I just named, they can’t be fasted or prayed out “primarily” you have to LET THEM GO. When you decide that you don’t want them anymore God will give you the strength to rid yourself of the weights of your soul.
Have you been the hold up to your spirituality the whole time? Has the brokeness of your soul caused you to injure your own Faith in God? Today is the day to let go of the past, and grab a hold of Faith. God wants to show more of himself to you, he wants to grow you this year and all he needs is a pure energy offering called Faith, from a pure soul.

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