The Matters of Money – Part 5


Happy Friday!

We are concluding The Matters of Money week and I want to thank all of the followers and visitors of this blog for hanging out with me.

Today I want to talk about the role of the believer, as it relates to money. Now this might get a little tight through here only because the church has received such a bad wrap about how they collect money and what they do with it afterwards. Well, let’s go ahead and discuss the proverbial pink elephant in the room so that we can move on- clear in our conscious for the remainder of this blog.  I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT CHURCH. Ok- are we clear? I’m only referencing churches and pastors who have dedicated themselves in doing it the right way.

As Christians, we own nothing. Let me say thing again, you probably are thinking this guy has worked too hard this week. No I’m in my right mind, we own nothing, BUT we are stewards of everything. What God does to and for the person whom He trusts is give them money, resources, and abilities so that they can be a tool in the earth for Him. It was never about how great you are, your advancement is connected to His will and purpose for your life. So the job you have, the car you drive, the money in your bank account is His and you are only managing it for Him. See when the preacher says Give God your life over the pulpit this Sunday, you are going to have a comprehensive understanding of what that really means.

When we truly understand the purpose of increase, then local church pastors will never have to become over concerned about the vision and the finances of their churches they serve at. I strongly believe that if a local church is lacking in any area, then there is someone in that church that is not being a good steward over what God has given them. They are squandering it elsewhere, while leaving the church, the pastor, and God’s vision bankrupt. I also believe that that person will innately put a cap on them self and never grow to their best potential. Imagine this – could it be that the ceiling in your finances, relationships, and career is due to the lack of stewardship and support to God’s agenda. Have you been so YOU focused, that you haven’t fully considered what God wants?

I’m going to stop here. This is enough for you to chew on for today and the rest of the weekend. I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s blogs as much I have. I’m looking forward to spending next week with you again. Love you guys.

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