Taking Care of Yourself – Your Brain


Yesterday we talked about 3 steps to take care of the body, today I want to talk about 3 steps to take care of the brain. 

  1. Do something!

It has been suggested that staying active may be the single most important thing you can do for the long-term health of your brain. Not only does the heart and lungs respond to exercise, the brain is quietly getting fitter as well. For mental fitness, aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every other day. Now I know that everyone can’t commit to 30 min a day of exercise but, DO SOMETHING!!

  1. Chill OUT!

Stress takes a toll on the brain by washing harmful chemicals over the hippocampus and other brain areas involved in memory. Some scientists suspect that living a balanced lifestyle and pursuing relaxing activities such as yoga, socializing and crafting may delay memory impairment by reducing stress.

  1. Take Care of your Body

Largely preventable diseases (Type II diabetes, obesity and hypertension) all affect your brain. Health concerns have been linked to an increased risk of cognitive decline and memory impairments. Keeping your circulatory system in working order by avoiding cigarettes and saturated fat, lessens the onslaught of age-related damage to the brain.

These are 3 simple but impactful ways to take care of your brain!

Published by Tyrus Hinton

Author, Business Owner and Inspirational Speaker

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