Taking Care of Yourself – Building Great Relationships


We have been talking about the three practical steps for physical health, Mental Health, and Emotional health. Now we are going to discuss 3 steps for healthy relationships.

1- Practice listening to the person you are interested in developing a relationship with.

People often feel honored when you give them the respect of your ear. This will also give you great insight on their history, philosophy, and expectations from a relationship.

2- Be willing to let your own guard down.

This doesn’t mean telling all your deepest, darkest secrets, just be willing to talk about yourself. Many people find this a difficult thing to do, and by you opening up will give that opportunity to do the same!

3- Forgiveness is also important in a relationship that has value to you.

To keep a personal relationship, try to listen before criticizing. Especially when you feel as though there is something to be angry about, it’s important to hold your tongue and try to understand the other person. This way, you can grow in a relationship.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blogs. We will be right back at it, this coming up Monday.

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