Vision – The Power of Your Focus


I have heard all my life the scripture recited from Proverbs 29:18, “without a vision the people perish” It wasn’t until I began to want better for my life, and realize that at the time I didn’t have the current tools for better, that – that scripture became extremely practical for me.

The reality is before it gets in your hand, it must get in your heart. All material things move from the non-physical to the physical reality, our vision and goals are paramount in the process of achievement. What you put your focus on will expand. Your focus is a spiritual energy, that serves as a magnet for whatever it is you are focusing on.  Vision is so powerful because it gives you something to focus on. That’s why it is good to write it down, recite it everyday, share it with you close (and I mean close) confidants.

I want to challenge you today to take the time to write your vision down, recite it everyday, focus on it, and watch it manifest right before your eyes!!

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