Vision – The Power of the Assist


I want to talk about something today that might seem a little odd. It could even be interpret as going backwards instead of progressing. Let’s delve into it anyway head first with a question…..Whose vision have you assisted in coming to past?

As a kid growing up I hear the following statement over and over — “What you do for others, will happen for you.” Did you know one of the key components to vision manifestation is you must have assisted someone in their vision manifestation. Let’s take a break and let that settle in. ———— Our culture is so driven by the me me me me syndrome that we fail to consider us and them. We want so bad to achieve that we loose focus on a powerful thing called the assist.

It’s in the crucibles of the assist that we learn temperament, discipline, and a skill that we can’t learn by ourselves or at a school. When you are assisting someone else in his or her dream, and you are doing it wholeheartedly, you develop a selflessness that you otherwise might not be able to obtain elsewhere.

It’s like being an apprentice  (an apprentice is a person who works for another in order to learn a trade).

Could it be that you are lacking the skill to accomplish your vision because you never assisted someone else in their accomplishment? Today I want to challenge every reader to find a mentor, find someone to sit under. By doing this you will inadvertently throw yourself into your own destiny!

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