Vision – Speak to it!


What an exciting week as we have dissected vision!

Today I want to discuss with you one more vital key to vision manifestation which is you words. The words we speak have power, they are more powerful than many people realize. Especially if those words are backed by a strong energy of belief. Now I have to make sure you understand the latter sentence, just because you are spewing words out of your mouth doesn’t mean that they are effective tools of creation in the universe. Your words have to be fueled by belief in what you are saying. You have to mean what you say and say what you mean. Now that we got that settled, let’s continue on the importance of your words as it relates to vision.

Words that are fueled with belief are potent seeds to the ground of the universe. What you say and how you say is a direct result to the success or failure of your life. In order to capitalize on the power that words have, firstly you have to deal with your inner calamities. The bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. With that being said, if you are full of turmoil, strife and contention you will spew that out with your words which will in turn seed the universe negatively. So in essence if you want to teach someone how to discipline their tongues, you have to start with them disciplining their life.

After you’ve dealt with the inner issues that can greatly impact the way you talk, which in turn impacts your life, spend time every day speaking to yourself and your vision.

Say what you want to happen vs. what is happening. Speak positive seeds into your life and in just a little while you’ll reap great big fruit that will sustain you and others!!

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