Living on Purpose


There is an old saying that says, “Do unto others as you will have them do unto you.” Though seemingly this rule can be overlooked as we are focused in the hustle and bustle of life, the reality is it’s impossible to ignore this life principle. In other words, you can’t receive good if you haven’t given out good. There are times were you have to stop and take note of the happenings or your life. See, life has a way of prophesying to you, it shows you yourself. Have you been positive? Have you been negative? Have you been hateful or loving? Right now (I mean literally at this very moment) wherever you ARE in your life is an indication of what you have BEEN life. Every one of your actions are seeds sown for your future, with that being said it is safe to say that a truly successful person is also a truly conscious person. This person is very thorough and intentional with their life. They wake up purposed to live in the now.

Take this moment to evaluate your life – have you been living on purpose or are you so busy with life that you haven’t been living at all. If you are apart of the latter group then it’s very possible that you haven’t taken the time to sow seeds that will grow you fruit for a prosperous future.

Here is today’s challenge – LIVE ON PURPOSE!

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