Life is Like – Part 2

Today I’m going to continue my Life is Like series of blog with using a roller coaster.
In one day you can experience multiple ups and downs, in and outs, twist and turns that can send you on a bevy of emotions. The reality is this is something that you can’t control, it’s just life. The only thing you can control is you and how you respond to the change of patterns. What makes a person mature is when they learn to have the same reaction when they are on the slow incline as when they are on the fast decline of life. Your response to life shouldn’t be based on conditions, but based on conviction. Let me say that again, “Your response to life shouldn’t be based on condition it should be based on conviction”
Let’s give a realistic example: Let’s say that you decided that you were going to donate 100.00 to charity every month, and it went well for the first 3 months, then on the fourth month you experience 2 flat tires. With that unexpected money that you have to give out, you only have 100.00 as your play play money (you know that money we have where we can buy that extra pair of shoes, or go out to eat with) until you get paid again. Your condition says don’t give to charity this month, but your conviction should say give it and sacrifice going out to eat or shopping for that new outfit. Do you see the difference?
Today I want to challenge you to solidify your convictions and stick to them with all you got. That way your life is not based on the ever changing patterns of life.

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